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Oil Type Does Matter


I often hear people say it does matter on which oil they use or when they have high miles it is not important...The oil is the blood of your car and in order to make it run longer start with its DNA.

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Easy and Quick Oil Change


Oil changes can be messy..there are numerous small things you can do to make it quick and easy.  

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Load your car onto a U-Haul tow dolly in 5 minutes


This video is a bit random but we hear so many stories of difficulties and disasters doing it..sometimes its really just about the details.

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Nitrogen vs Air in your tires.


We have mixed feelings... Nitrogen is to help get longevity out of tires from what we understand but call us old school but rotating and checking air pressure will make a tire go much longer.

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Radiator Leak Repair..Do it yourself!


Nice little video to help you get by until you can get a replacement.

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Do it yourself alignment with string and ruler!


This video is part of a great series on do it yourself tips.  This one has a front end alignment done with string and a ruler..alignments in general are not that expensive but hey if you can save a few bucks why not and avoid the hassle of waiting for one.

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What are the best bulbs to use for headlights?


I found this interesting because there is a serious difference and in rural areas with no street lamps it almost becomes an added safety feature.

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Fix your rims..Do it yourself!


If you hate those "rashes" on your rims or a scuff from a pot hole, check this out!

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